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Charity Days and Fundraisers


Our Princesses are more than happy to donate their time to Charities & Fundraisers.

If you would like to submit an event for our consideration, click on the "Nominate" button and please include as much information as possible about the event and the charity.

Something we love to be able to provide is a special nomination visit! Click the button and nominate someone who you think deserves a pick me up magical visit. Whether they are in hospital, a young carer, or in an nursing home, we would love to send a princess free of charge to brighten their day!

Hello I am Sophie-Rose and welcome to Enchanted Rose Princesses!
I am passionate about delivering a truly magical experience to all our customers. Having worked for Disney myself, I feel that I know what it takes to make a princess experience something to remember forever!


The integrity of my company is paramount and to this end I ensure that all my Princesses are professionally trained singers and actresses. I endeavour to ensure that each princess remains true to their character and my costumes are top quality replicas that always look spectacular, to create an authentic and memorable visit.


My dream is that all our children believe that they have just met a real princess and to this end, I train all my girls in princess etiquette, as well as each specific character’s mannerisms so that it truly seems as if the princess has just stepped out of her story especially to attend their party. This is not simply a ‘character visit’ - it is respectful, dedicated and magical with the aim of making your child’s dreams come true!